AgilLiteS is the smart on-demand lighting system that utilises a wireless mesh network of sensors attached on luminaire to achieve high efficient use of lighting control based on occupancy without compromising users’ safety, security and visual comfort.

It is designed to manage lighting based on demand by using smart sensors and adaptive algorithms, thereby achieving high energy efficiency and an improved user experience.

Using adaptive algorithms, AgilLiteS predicts the path of oncoming pedestrian and brightens up the pathway and immediate surroundings in advancecreating illumination that ‘moves’ with you. As the pedestrian moves along leaving the area, the lights dim down gradually to the safest minimum level of brightness when no traffic is detected.

Depending on traffic volume and lighting dimness level setting (usually 5 to 30%), energy saving is estimated at about 45 to 75% compared to having lights completely turned on at full brightness level all the time.

The application of AgilLiteS solution with LED lightings, helps to reduce the overall CO2 emission, light pollution and extend the life span of lamp & driver due to the reduced power consumption and heat dissipation.

Depending on the lighting power, operation hours, scale of system, and traffic volume, typical payback period is 2.5 year to 4.5 year

It is a proprietary Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) designed by ST Engineering Ltd. in Singapore.

Technical speaking, AgilLiteS work with any lights. Practically, LED lights with dimmable driver get most of the AgilLiteS designed benefits.

Common areas in commercial buildings or public space experience low to no traffic during the non-peak hours, but lighting is still required to keep on for safety and practical purposes.  This makes AgilLiteS ideal for deployment in these common areas such as multi-storey or basement car parks, stairwells of commercial buildings as well as sheltered overhead bridges and covered walkways.

ST Engineering Ltd. is an established company supporting many electronic system solutions locally and overseas. We have local technical support team committed to providing support to our system for reasonable years (10 years).

AgilLiteS allows for easy to little effort for addition of extra lights even after system installation and configuration.