AGIL™ Smart Lighting Solutions

Delivering Value Beyond Illumination

ST Engineering’s Smart Lighting Solution is a portfolio of IoT-enabled on-demand lighting products that deliver efficient use of energy, lower maintenance costs, improve operational efficiency and provide smart data analytics for future demand planning to address the current challenges and enhance the quality of life in smart cities. The Smart Lighting Solutions product portfolio includes:

AGIL Smart Lighting Solution, a secured proprietary wireless mesh network of sensors with a smart control system to achieve maximised lighting efficiency and low operating costs. This award-winning solution allows remote configuration and monitoring continuous data collection for data analytics to generate actionable insights.

Assurance testing of emergency lights with AGIL E-WATS Wireless Automatic Test System utilises a smart wireless infrastructure-free and fully automatic solution to carry out all tests required under SCDF SS 563 for all emergency lightings intended for functionality, safety, and operational efficiency. This solution ensures that emergency lighting systems are compliant with standards and industry regulations, cost-effective, and reliable than manual testing.

AGIL Smart Lighting Security System converts existing perimeter lightings into smart security devices and integrates it with existing video surveillance systems to deter and detect unknown humans, vehicles and activities with minimal cost implications while increasing the inherent protection level. This solution has a wide detection range and is easily set up and commissioned to retain your existing lighting infrastructure while optimising utilisation of existing perimeter lights to act as a security system.

Other Solutions Suite

Today’s sensors enable comprehensive data collection allowing smart buildings to effectively monitor, manage, and control a range of building services to boost efficiency, automation, and sustainability. AGIL™ Smart Sensors are designed to low cost, compact, and in ultra-lightweight packages. Our low-power smart sensors are reputed to be highly accurate, robust, and field-proven. The application extends outside of digital buildings and are key enablers in the following application: security, traffic management, consumer automation, smart lighting, sports, IoT, automotive as well as robotics and unmanned platforms.

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